“I am to take the difficulties of the people”

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When living at the centre with Sant Thakar Singh towards the end of his life, we observed that he would at times become physically tired and frail after the day’s proceedings. Sometimes disciples would come to his centre, despite them being told not to come to see him.

In spite of this, he would attend to each person who came to him, listening personally to all of their difficulties and problems, and offering words of compassion and hope.

On one occasion, he returned to his room extremely weak after attending to a group of people with numerous problems and difficulties. When asked why he allowed these people to come in and trouble him with their difficulties, he stated, “This is my duty. I am to take the difficulties of the people to the last moment of my life.”

I found this a pretty amazing example of selfless service and compassion, and really exemplified Sant Thakar Singh’s personality and values.

— Medical Doctor, General Practitioner

Welcome to Thakar Singh Network

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Thakar Singh was a Master of Sant Mat, the meditation on inner light and sound, who passed away in March of 2005. He left behind a legacy of nearly 30 years of preaching that God is within each person. Thakar Singh advocated the belief that every human being is worthy of respect and love, because every person contains the spark of the Divine. Thakar Singh taught Sant Mat meditation free of charge to about two million people on all five continents, as a helpful way to calm the mind, see and hear inside, and come closer to God within everyone.

We hope this website will be able to do justice to the incredible and amazing work of Thakar Singh and how he positively affected all who came in contact with him.

We would like to invite people who met Thakar Singh to submit your stories at this link.

Thank you!

Bienvenidos al sitio sobre Thakar Singh

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Thakar Singh era un Maestro de Sant Mat, la meditación sobre la luz y el sonido interiores. Falleció en marzo de 2005. Dejó atrás un legado de casi 30 años de predicación de que Dios está dentro de cada persona. Thakar Singh defendió la creencia de que cada ser humano es digno de respeto y amor, porque cada persona contiene la chispa de lo Divino. Thakar Singh enseñó meditación de Sant Mat de forma gratuita a cerca de dos millones de personas en los cinco continentes, como una forma útil de calmar la mente, ver y escuchar por dentro, y acercarse a Dios en todos.

Esperamos que este sitio web pueda hacer justicia al increíble y sorprendente trabajo de Thakar Singh y cómo afectó positivamente a todos los que estuvieron en contacto con él.


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