“I am to take the difficulties of the people”

Posted on 06 November 2009

When living at the centre with Sant Thakar Singh towards the end of his life, we observed that he would at times become physically tired and frail after the day’s proceedings. Sometimes disciples would come to his centre, despite them being told not to come to see him.

In spite of this, he would attend to each person who came to him, listening personally to all of their difficulties and problems, and offering words of compassion and hope.

On one occasion, he returned to his room extremely weak after attending to a group of people with numerous problems and difficulties. When asked why he allowed these people to come in and trouble him with their difficulties, he stated, “This is my duty. I am to take the difficulties of the people to the last moment of my life.”

I found this a pretty amazing example of selfless service and compassion, and really exemplified Sant Thakar Singh’s personality and values.

— Medical Doctor, General Practitioner

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